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Mervin Lowe author of Global Learning Methods has been presenting courses on Reading, Memory and Brain training for 30+ years with students changing their lives and careers around. The course is so comprehensive in its life changing ability and by having these classes online and you have all this knowledge available to you no matter where you are.
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Growth and Progress

Our greatest desire is to see you reach your full potential, give yourself the gift of better memory, better communication skills and success in your daily life and work. Check out our different courses and we are sure you will find a solution to your need.
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Our Credentials

30+ years of experience available for you

After spending so many years at school struggling and not understanding why the information he tried to study he just could not retain, Mervin began his journey of learning how to LEARN. Book after book to see how the brain works, learns and functions and years of trials and testing finally brought him to developing this course. By following his own methods and techniques he is now able to recall facts with ease and by increasing his reading speed he is able to not only comprehend information but also recall it at a moments notice accurately and easily. "LEARNING IS EASY", he says.

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So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Learning to read faster and retain what I learnt was the game changer for me! As a web developer I have loads of code and information to retain so this course has really increased my productivity and my ability to take on more projects. My income and increased and I am super stoked. Thanks a mil
I knew I had so much more to give and felt I was under performing. By utilising the techniques used in this course I find I am done with my work in half the time and have time spare to continue my studies and up skill myself. The future looks bright thanks to Global Learning Methods.
I was super overwhelmed when I hit varsity, the work load is HUGE. I was studying all the time, exhausted and still not get the marks I wanted. I took my spring break and did the Ultimate Students Learning Hack. It felt like a veil was lifted from my eyes and I started to implement the techniques and methods. I look forward to class now because I know how to capture the information and then how to learn it later. This course may just have saved my career. Looking forward to the next report card.